From the President of the Board


Dear friends,

On Sunday, October 27, by unanimous vote the Community Church decided to call the
Reverend Forrest Parkinson to our part-time pastorate. Rev. Parkinson expects to begin
his duties at the Community Church on Christmas Eve or thereabouts; we shall know
more as that date draws near.

Yours truly chaired the Pastoral-Search Committee, whose members worked diligently
for many months to find the right person to lead our church, and we all owe them our
thanks. Kudos then, to Bill Chabina, Helen Kaitaris, Ginny Kowalski, and Jack
Waslin—the people who were serving on the committee when it decided to recommend
Rev. Parkinson to the Board. Without them Sunday’s meeting and formal call to
Reverend Parkinson could not have occurred.

Our congregation now has an opportunity to remake itself, and under Rev. Parkinson’s
guidance, return to its principal mission: spreading the word of Jesus Christ and
following his teachings.

Please do tell me, be it via e-mail, post, a note in my church mailbox, telephone, or in
person, about any concerns or suggestions that you may have. The Board of Stewards
meets on the third Tuesday of each month, and these meetings are always open to every
member of the church. We expect several openings on the board come February; please
do speak with me or any other board members if you think you can serve.

God gives us the tools with which we can do his work; it is up to us to determine how.
With his guidance and blessing, we now can continue this work, which is, after all, our
church’s reason for being.

Yours in Christ,
Robert Owen