Who We Are


The Community Church of Syosset

A United Church of Christ


The Tucked-Away Church Where Spirituality is More Important Than Religion


Welcome to the Community Church of Syosset, a United Church of Christ, where, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.

We are a Pilgrim people. We are seekers and learners in spiritual matters, in pursuit of authenticity, wholeness and faithfulness. We don’t have all the answers, but we believe God never fails to respond to sincere hearts and inquiring minds.

We are also a Pilgrim people in the historical sense: our denomination, the United Church of Christ, traces its roots back to the Pilgrims who came to the shores of what they termed the New World in 1620. As Pilgrims, we were known as Congregationalist, because our polity assumes the autonomy of the local church. We are the first church to be established in Syosset, in 1852.

We are a Progressive church. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally. We acknowledge its historicity as an inspired testimony of a people called by God, and believe, with John Winthrop, that God has yet more light to be revealed.

We are Progressive in that we look to Jesus of Nazareth, who became the Christ, as our primary source for knowing what it means to be authentically human. At the same time, we believe that the truth which Jesus embodied and pointed to as a truth other religions point as well. Therefore we urgently pursue interreligious dialogue as we explore our natural multiplicity of origins, to identify and celebrate what we share in common with other faiths, and to seek new forms of transcending our differences.

We are a Passionate church, deeply committed to peace and justice in the world, and the alleviation of suffering through compassion and wisdom. This is expressed in our declaration that we are an Open and Affirming congregation, welcoming all people into every aspect of church life and ministry, irrespective of their race, nationality, gender, ability, sexual orientation and identity.